Vicki Peters Pom April 1972 NSFW

Lenna Sjooblom 1972 NSFW

Goldie Hawn In Butterflies Are Free 1972 NSFW

Georgina Collins 1972 NSFW

Lena Soederberg Playboy November 1972 Aic NSFW

Actress And Singer Karen Philipp Playboy September 1972 NSFW

Playboy Bunny Janice Shilinsky 1972 NSFW

Nevenka Dundek 1972 NSFW

Karen Philipp September 1972 Was In The First Two Seasons Of M A S H NSFW

Lena Soederberg November 1972 Under The Name Lenna Sjoeoeblom NSFW

Kari Ann Muller In An Outtake From The Album Cover Photoshoot For Roxy Musics 1972 Debut Album NSFW

Stella Stevens From The Poseidon Adventure 1972 NSFW

Leena Sjooblom 1972 NSFW

Nevenka Dundek Penthouse Pet Of The Month June 1972 NSFW

Miss World Usa 1972 Better Known In Her Role As Wonder Woman Lynda Carter NSFW