vgb Vintage Gentleman Boners

Jayne Mansfield Plays Pool While Her Dog Keeps An Eye On The Balls 1956 NSFW

Lucy Weston English Stage Actress C 1908 NSFW

Francoise Pascal NSFW

Jane Seymour 1970s NSFW (3 photos)

Janet Agren 1969 NSFW

Kate Bush In The Music Video For Babooshka 1980 NSFW

Noel Neil NSFW

Dru Hart Listening To Some Her New Records NSFW

Kelly Burke NSFW (2 photos)

Fanny Fan Hong Kong Actress From The 1960s NSFW

Lindsay Wagner Aka The Bionic Woman 70s NSFW

The 1970s Trifecta NSFW

Lotte Lenya Austrian Singer 1928 NSFW

Diana Dors In Blonde Sinner 1956 NSFW

Ingrid Steeger On The Beach NSFW

Lauren Hutton 1963 Photographed By Peter Basch NSFW

Joan Rawlings Photographed By Bunny Yeager NSFW (2 photos)

Grace Kelly NSFW

Debra Paget The Tiger Of Eschnapur 1959 Film NSFW

Carol Summer NSFW

Brigette Bardot NSFW

Jessica Walter In The 60s NSFW

Grace Kelly Jamaica 1955 NSFW

Suzanne Snow NSFW

Rhonda Fleming C 1950s NSFW (3 photos)

Gillian Hills 28th August 1969 Photo By Morgan NSFW

Sophia Loren With Her Hands On Her Boobs NSFW

Gene Tierney Photographed In The Late 1950s NSFW

Helena Antoniaccio June 1969 NSFW

Sexy With Class NSFW

Seena Owen Photographed By Xan Stark C 1922 NSFW

Dovima Models A Bikini In Montego Bay Photographed For Harpers Bazaar By Toni Frissell 1946 NSFW

Magazine Model Madeline Roberts 1963 NSFW