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Karina Schally 1982 NSFW

Patty Smyth Circa 1982 NSFW

Lynda Ann Wiesmeier July 1982 NSFW

Linda Rhys Vaughn 1982 NSFW

Muriel Rousseau April 1982 Penthouse Pet Of The Month NSFW

Nastassja Kinski In Purple Vogue 1982 NSFW

Linda Blair In Oui Magazine 1982 NSFW

Connie Brighton Miss September 1982 Playboy Playmate Of The Month NSFW

Kim Alexis 1982 NSFW

Kimberly Mcarthur Miss January 1982 NSFW

Phoebe Cates As Linda Barrett In Fast Times At Ridgemont High 1982 NSFW

Persis Khambatta 1982 NSFW

Heather Thomas In 1982 Ready To Work Out In Leotard NSFW

Barbara Schantz A Policewoman Fired For Posing Nude In May 1982 NSFW

Jennifer Jason Leigh In Fast Times At Ridgemont High 1982 NSFW

Kay Lenz In The 1982 Film Fast Walking Happy Birthday Kay NSFW

Vanna White Circa 1982 NSFW (1 photo)

Pia Zadora 1982 NSFW (1 photo)

Grace Jones By James Baes For Lui 1982 NSFW (1 photo)

Nastassja Kinski In Cat People 1982 NSFW (1 photo)

Susan Sarandon 1982 Swimsuit Photoshoot NSFW (1 photo)

Marianne Gravatte 1982 NSFW

Playmate Of The Year 1982 Shannon Tweed NSFW

Nadiuska Spain 1970 Actress From Conan The Barbarian 1982 And Production Art NSFW

Victoria Principal Posing With A Scarlet Macaw 1982 NSFW

Kimberly Mcarthur 1982 NSFW

Pat Benatar Circa 1982 NSFW

Marianne Gravatte Pmom October 1982 And Pmoy 1983 NSFW

Loni Anderson From 1978 1982 Wkrp NSFW

Uhq Heather Thomas 1982 Of The Fall Guy Fame NSFW