sexy 1964 NSFW

Sylvie Vartan Photographed By Jean Marie Perier 1964 NSFW

Sophia Loren In Lingerie Marriage Italian Style 1964 NSFW

Sharon Rogers 1964 NSFW

Daphne Dayle June 1964 NSFW

Jean Shrimpton Photographed For Vogue Magazine By David Bailey 1964 NSFW

Natalie Wood On Set For The Great Race 1964 NSFW

Carole Lynley Ann Margret And Pamela Tiffin In The Pleasure Seekers 1964 NSFW

Wendy Wyatt 1964 NSFW

Diane Baker 1964 NSFW

Sue Lyon In Night Of The Iguana 1964 NSFW

Dusty And Ronnie Spector 1964 NSFW

Hot Rod Babe 1964 NSFW

Jean Seberg In 1964 NSFW

Ann Margret Pamela Tiffin And Carol Lynley In The Pleasure Seekers 1964 NSFW

Donna Michelle Encourages You To Lift His Spirits This Christmas 1964 NSFW

Playmate Of The Month November 1964 Kai Brendlinger NSFW

Lorna Maitland Still Shot From Lorna Too Much For One Man 1964 NSFW

1964 Pinup Calendar Girl NSFW (2 photos)

Susan Foreman Of The Dalek Invasion Of Earth 1964 NSFW

Tracy Reed On The Set Of Dr Strangelove 1964 NSFW

Jo Collins Pom December 1964 And Poy 1965 NSFW

Jayne Mansfield During The Production Of Primitive Love In 1964 NSFW

Julie Newmar On The Rocks C 1964 NSFW

Rosemarie Hillcrest Hi Res Centerfold Miss October 1964 NSFW

Sylvie Vartan In A Photo Op With Ringo Starr 1964 NSFW

Lorna Maitland C 1964 NSFW

Barbara Eden In The Film Ride The Wild Surf 1964 NSFW

Lori Winston June 1964 Album In Comments NSFW

Shirley Eaton Gilded In Gold On The Set Of Goldfinger 1964 NSFW

Ashlyn Martin C 1964 NSFW

Margaret Nolan In Goldfinger 1964 NSFW

Daphne Dayle Modeling A Monokini For Life Magazine 1964 NSFW

Nancy Scott March 1964 NSFW