Jocelyn Lane C 1957 NSFW

Vikki Dougan By Ralph Crane 1957 NSFW

Sofia Loren Staring At Jayne Mansfield 1957 NSFW (1 photo)

Bunny Yeager Photographing One Of Her Many Models 1957 NSFW

Barbara Nicholls 1957 NSFW

Sophia Loren In Boy On A Dolphin 1957 NSFW

Jacquelyn Prescott 1957 X Post R Playboy Album In Comment NSFW

Sandra Edwards Playboy Playmate Of The Month March 1957 NSFW

Lauren Bacall In Designing Woman 1957 NSFW

Marie Helene Arnaud And Her Mg Carlton Hotel Cannes 1957 NSFW

Claudia Cardinale Posing On A Motorbike With Her Son In Italy C 1957 NSFW

Martha Hyer C 1957 NSFW

Brigitte Bardot Photographed By Peter Basch 1957 NSFW

Gloria Windsor Miss April 1957 NSFW

Linda Vargas December 1957 NSFW

Sweater Girl June Blair 1957 NSFW

Vikki Dougan Photo Ralph Crane 1957 NSFW

Carrie Radison June 1957 NSFW

Brigitte Bardot On The Set Of Une Parisienne 1957 NSFW

Brigitte Bardot Circa 1957 NSFW

Marilyn Monroe Photographed By Sam Shaw 1957 NSFW

Ambre Solaire French Sunscreen Advertisement Photographed By Lucien Lorelle C 1957 NSFW

Audrey Hepburn Gazing Out Her Kitchen Window In Buergenstock Switzerland 1957 NSFW

Brigitte Bardot At The Cannes Film Festival In 1957 NSFW

Kay Kendall Taina Elg And Mitzi Gaynor In Les Girls 1957 NSFW

Janet Lake C 1957 NSFW

Yvette Vickers At Edd Byrnes House 1957 NSFW

Colleen Farrington By Peter Basch For Playboy 1957 NSFW

Audrey Hepburn Glides In A Red Givenchy Dress In The Movie Funny Face 1957 NSFW

June Blair C 1957 NSFW

Png Vikki Dougan Photographed By Ralph Crane For Life Magazine 1957 NSFW

Jean Jani July 1957 NSFW

Dodge Show Girl 1957 NSFW